Dragon trainer on blockchain?
HyperDragons let you conquer blockchain

World's first combatable game powered blockchain “HyperDragons” is coming on March 27th!

Collectible, combatable and valuable! We make HyperDragons accessible anywhere!

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Warrior dragon - diverse gameplay

Train warrior dragons fight in matches, enhance dragons skills, win glory and rewards, enjoy the feeling to be top of the pyramid

Hit Point: Every dragon has its hit point; attack the other will cost your hit point.

Skill: Every dragon might get some sorts of skills, ranging from 0 to maximum 5. Stronger dragons have more skills.

Glory: Win a match to be granted with glory. Glory will enhance your dragon.

Expandable gameplay

Hardcore player, casual player and collector all can have fun.Use your imagination of potential gameplay

a) Role play game

b) Action game

c) Action role play game

d) Strategy game

e) your creative thoughts

A fun and collectible game! Great potential collectible value

Do not own a dragon or breed a dragon? You can also play aside from participating in matches directly,

player can also particiapte in Guessing; players who make the correct guess of the winner can receive rewards

Don't like to hold low value dragons, no worries. Exchange a dragon egg with us.

Dragon can also synchronize other collectibles such as "kitties" to enhance itself. User will receive dragon egg which might produce a great warrior dragon.

Also accessible on mobile phone
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No matter which part of the world you are at
Your warrior dragon is waiting for you to bring it home!

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